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The English Mineral Makeup Company

Made in the UK, 100% natural, 100% minerals, 100% cruelty free and very vegan friendly.

The English Mineral Makeup Company was founded on the beliefs that you and your skin deserve the very best.

We formulated our gorgeous range of chemical free mineral cosmetics to enhance naturally beautiful skin, without any of the harsh ingredients that are often found in similar products.

The brainchild of Mother and Daughter duo, Jeanette and Grace Burrows, The English Mineral Makeup Company combines the quality of luxury cosmetics with the very best 100% natural mineral ingredients, to give a healthy, glowing and flawless finish with every use.

Why was The English Mineral Makeup Company started?

Jeanette and Grace needed high quality make-up that was enjoyable to use. They wanted something good enough to be traceless on older skin, softening fine lines, as well as gentle enough for young problem skin.

Jeanette has a long background of experience in hair and beauty, heavily involved with naturally derived and organic colour systems and hair care. She desired a makeup that would blend away age-spots and thread veins and at the same time not cake or show up Fine lines with a traceless finish.

While Grace has a keen interest in sustainability and natural skincare. She absolutely loves makeup and yet was unable to source that something ‘special ‘that would give her the durable cover she craved without caking, streaking, blocking pores or aggravating… “they couldn’t find it so they made it!

Together, they created a beautiful brand that has no compromise for quality or effectiveness, and is a genuinely original, clever and versatile makeup.

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Buy online at Total Looks – Harpenden – Hertfordshire and Hattie & Hugh

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