The Cravat Comeback

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Cravat Club Comeback

How a modern-day revival of the Day Cravat is emerging back onto the fashion scene.

Until recently, the word ‘Cravat’ carried the label of antiquarianism and gentry, with notions of a 19th century period drama, or perhaps the stereotypical image of an aristocratic gentleman, past his prime, fashioned with a smoking jacket and a monocle.

Cravat Club, an online store specialising in cravats is attempting to bring it back into fashion by through a trendier and fresher image through its slightly off-the-wall photo shoot with a profoundly bearded and tattooed male model, while shaking off its outdated undertones.

Cravat Club’s image appeals to the newly established target market to gentlemen in their mid-20s to 40s (though still popular with the older gentlemen too), and subsequently sees the demand growing as men become more fashion-conscious.

One particular feature of Cravat Club’s products is the ‘Stay Put Cravat’. Their jacquard woven silk cravats are layered with rich colours and are a heavier-weighted silk, which unlike most silk cravats, require minimal re-adjusting, hence the ‘Stay Put Cravat’. This means the cravat can be tied less restrictively around the neck as opposed to conventional cravats, to allow for maximum style and comfort.

Gentlemen’s accessories have permeated the market particularly in recent years, with the bow tie and pocket square becoming increasingly popular. It seems men in the UK are becoming more interested in looking good while displaying a touch of individuality through accessorising, and now cravats are on the cards to be the next big trend, with the positive notes of bearing comfort and style at the same time.

One movement which appears to be growing ferociously is the ‘Dapper Gentleman’, where a renaissance of the well-dressed modern gent has arrived on the scene. These dandy gentlemen’s wardrobes are filled with fine quality tailored suits, tweeds, boutonnières, pocket watches, and carefully thought out coloured socks to match each outfit, and they approach their way of dressing more as a lifestyle or full-time hobby. Cravats are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit for the sartorial chap, and as every woman knows, a well-dressed man is certain to stand out from the crowd and turn heads at social events.

Cravat Club’s Day Cravats are 100% silk and all of their products are made in England, which is a fundamental factor of the company, giving it a quintessentially British image, appealing to not only to British people, but to the ‘Anglophiles’ across the world.

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