Collecting cigarette cards is a fairly niche hobby, known as Cartophily. These cards were originally given away in cigarette packets as a marketing gimmick, to encourage people to buy more cigarettes.

Smoking Memorabillia

With the decline in smoking rates and cigarette consumption across the globe, the use of these cards as a marketing ploy has ended.

As a result smoking memorabilia has become a more popular collectors niche.

Cigarette Cards Value

The value of cigarette cards, like most collectibles, is largely down to condition.

The most important is the condition of the cards. Collectors are generally looking for cards that are clean and crease free.

Other factors include the age and rarity of the card as well as its manufacturer and title.

That being said, most cards are not that valuable.

Buying Cigarette cards

You can find cigarette cards for sale online, in various conditions. If you love a boot fair, there is a good chance you might find some hidden in the corner.