Do you remember playing marbles at school? Playing for ‘keepsies’, knocking out your opponent, were all part of it. Catseyes, swirlies, milkies. Showing off your collection and looking out for your new favourite.

The Game of Marbles

The game of marbles has been around for centuries, but it was not until the 19th century that the marble became a popular toy and pastime for children all over the world.

The origins of marble games date back thousands of years. There are numerous mentions in literature and poems of marbles.

Marbles have been played by children and adults for centuries.

Beautiful small spheres

Marbles have been made from glass and clay and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Glass marbles are either handblown or machine made.

Collecting Vintage Marbles

Marbles have gone from being a simple children’s toy to being an valuable collector item. Today marbles are collected and some can be worth a lot of money. So check online to identify old marbles.

Marbles are still produced in vast quanties by several marble manufacturers. It is however, the older more rare marbles that fetch the higher prices.

British Marble Championship

The British and World Marbles Championship is a marbles knock-out tournament which is held in West Sussex. The event is held traditionally on Good Friday with origins dating back to 1588. Since 1932, it has been hosted each year at the greyhound public house in Tinsley Green, West Sussex. 

A friendly, yet highly competitive afternoon, with teams from around the world.

Visit the Marble Museum

The House of Marbles is a unique family attraction in Devon, and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. A working glass factory on the site of the Old Pottery.

The museum’s huge marble run ‘Snooki’ claims to be the largest marble run in the UK.

On display are a collection of rare and interesting marbles, with a cafe, gift shop and games garden.

On the same site you will find Teign Valley Glass.

Teign Valley Glass Specialist Marbles

Since 1981, Teign Valley Glass has been producing beautiful English glassware, and specialist handmade marbles. The glassmakers use traditional skills and decades of experience create stunning glassware sold around the world. If you are interested in marble making and glass-blowing, you can watch the process as the makers create the peices.

Collecting marbles

So whether you are a marble collector or just like marbles, this is definitley a recommended day out.

They make great gifts and a lovely addition to anyones collection. Buy Marbles Online

If you find your old tin of childhood marbles in the attic, you never know you may have a rare one!

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