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Aqua Design Group helping artisans across the UK

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In 2017 Aqua Design Group wanted to support and promote creatives in Stockport and started to come up with ideas for a #MadeInStockport badge which could be used by artisans on their websites and in a limited use on social media. Aqua Design Group even wrote a blog outlining some of the ideas.

A fellow Theo Paphitis #SBS winner saw this design and asked if Aqua Design Group would design a #MadeInManchester badge and they also asked if Aqua Design Group also do stickers for the badges (which they do indeed do) that could go out on products that were being delivered to their customers.

UK Badges

One thing led to another and at present Aqua Design Group have created badges for Blackpool, Bradford, Bristol, Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon, Dorset, East Riding, Hampshire, Ireland, Lincolnshire, London, Norfolk, Northumberland, Scotland, Shropshire, Stafforshire, Suffolk, United Kingdom, Wales and Wigan.

Proudly Made In

Here is the blog outlining some of the badge designs and products available

If you can’t see your region, don’t worry. Aqua Design Group can design one for you.

Aqua Design Group wanted the designs to be clean and visible, so they are only produced in black to give a ‘rubber stamp’ feel when they are producing stickers and labels using my badge designs.

Cara-Lou Designs commented: “Getting my hands on the Made in Manchester badge from Aqua Design Group allows me to showcase myself as a local independent business woman.”

#MadeInManchester badge stickers