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Seven Good Things of Sussex

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Discover the ‘Seven Good Things of Sussex’

The county of Sussex is known for its “Seven Good Things” in the traditional rhyme celebrating Sussex local delicacies, of the day.

The poem celebrates the culinary heritage of the county, from Rye in East Sussex to Arundel in West Sussex.

If you love seafood then everything mentioned in the rhyme (except the wheatear, of course) will appeal.

The seven good things named in the poem are; Pulborough eel, Selsey cockle, Chichester lobster, Rye herring, Arundel mullet, Amberley trout and Bourne wheatear.

The Seven Good Things of Sussex

Of a score of good things found outside heaven
The land of Sussex was granted seven
The choicest of those I often feel
Is the oily, glutinous Pulborough eel
Though the Selsea cockle would be the best
The Chichester lobster’s the lordliest dish
The herring of Rye is the tastiest dish
The mullet of Arundel would have my vote
If I could but forget the Amberley trout
The wheatear of Bourne whenever it’s about.

Today the seven good things of Sussex are on the menu in pubs and restaurants throughout West Sussex. If you are in the area you should look out for them on the menu.

The oily, glutinous Pulborough eel

The name comes from the eels being caught in Pulborough, today a popular freshwater fishing spot in Sussex.

Eel is not as popular as it once was. Jellied Eel was synonymous with the East End of London, but not widely available.

Selsea Cockles

Selsea Cockles are delicious and should be eaten fresh with vinegar. They are still widely available. You can also order Selsey Lobster, Cockles and Crab online.

Buy hand-picked Selsey crab and half a lobster along with cockles and shell-on prawns.

Selsey Lobster, Cockles and Crab

Chichester lobster’s the lordliest dish

Chichester was once famous for its lobster. Today, many of the seafood restaurants in Chichester have it on the menu.

Rye Herring

While you might normally think of Scandinavia and rollmops when it comes to herring, in fact, it is a traditional dish in England too. September is the season for Rye Herring.

Arundel Mullet

The Arun itself is famous for its mullet- fish, not the hairstyle. Although, babies born in the village of Arundel are known as ‘Mullets’!

Arundel Mullet, a regional dish, was once one of the most popular fish dishes in West Sussex.

Watch the video of Ade Edmunson making Arundel Trout.

Don’t forget the Amberly Trout

The river Arun is famous for its trout fishing and runs through the villages of Amberly

Chalk Springs fishing high quality Rainbow and Brown Trout, or you can order it online

The Wheatear

The wheatear is a small bird and is not eaten today!. It is now an endangered species.

Sussex day is celebrated each year on June 16th. Why not try out some of the traditional recipes.

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