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Helloface was originated during the height of the pandemic in the county of Hertfordshire, England. Inspired by the difficulties that deaf and hard of hearing people are having with communication through opaque face masks, the Helloface team wanted to bring a transparent solution to the table.

Existing masks currently on the market are not fit for purpose. Communication is simply not just through spoken word. Face masks cause a barrier, blocking facial expressions, mouth patterns and making lip reading impossible.

It is not only the deaf and hard-of-hearing community who are struggling with communication as a result of face masks. Those with mental, learning or developmental challenges are also having their communication stripped away.

Effective communication is vital for many industries including, healthcare, tourism and construction. Helloface aim to provide a way for health and safety to continue in public shared spaces with a high level of comfort and security.

The development of the company was inspired by Managing Director Dean Ezekiel’s wife, who is partially deaf and relies on lip reading to assist when she may not be able to quite hear the person. Dean explains, “my wife struggled with a simple visit to the opticians because he was wearing a fabric mask. It created a barrier to communication that we take for granted. Everyone should feel comfortable going about their daily activities, including health visits”.

Helloface masks are designed, manufactured and packaged in the UK. Pooling support from top designers, charities and mentors, togetherness was really present in the creation of Helloface. We embrace the Britishness nature of getting things done by producing and sourcing all of our materials in the UK. This supports the UK economy and helps local businesses thrive.

Proudly a part of the Made in Britain initiative, Helloface are keen to be a part of the British manufacturing community. It is becoming increasingly important to shop local and purchase British made products. From reducing your environmental impact to encouraging British innovation, shopping locally will help your community thrive.

Environmental consideration is something that Helloface keep in mind with everything that they do. Helloface have worked diligently to source recyclable and reusable materials, therefore lowering their carbon emissions and reducing the carbon footprint. The company are also currently sourcing partnerships with recycling initiatives in order to maximise their sustainability.

The Helloface mask is reusable for up to 30 times. Disposing of the covering is easy; simply contact your local authority to find out where your nearest recycling centre is and follow the measures to recycle correctly.  

There are many extra components of the Helloface that make it the only mask like its kind on the market. Ensuring safety is the upmost priority, Helloface have Biomaster anti-microbial additives within the material of the mask itself, providing extra protection. Further, with easy anti-fog care, the Helloface does not fog up when worn and allows the user to comfortably wear glasses, without fogging them up.

Through the design of this newly established, innovative, British made product, Helloface enables transparent communication for everyone with hearing and developmental challenges.

Helloface masks are available to purchase now on www.thehelloface.com. For bulk orders, please contact sales@thehelloface.com where we can assist you. For further information, please contact Lauren at lauren@thehelloface.com.