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Based in Wysall,  a small village nestled between Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, Teddy Edward is a brand that champions the craftspeople of Great Britain. Producing a collection of clothing and, more recently, accessories for both men and women, it’s a popular choice with those who value classic quality and style over throwaway trends.

That’s not to say it lacks in contemporary flair however, reimagining heritage looks with unique fabric or tailored cuts to ensure each piece is a wardrobe staple. 

A fundamental element of Teddy Edward is its commitment to British-made fashion. Owner Stephen Reeds’ professional background has exposed him to all sides of the sector, confirming his belief and ethos for Teddy Edward – valuing the importance of maintaining age-old British skills, as well as contributing to the ethical and environmental benefits that come with British-made clothing.

This vision has resulted in Teddy Edward forming a network of esteemed manufacturers across the country. Some have been partnered with the company throughout the five years it’s been operating, producing core elements from the collection.

Others are recent arrivals, welcomed to meet the demands of a new product range, crafting the specific zip, button or fabric required to make it unique. Perhaps due to the nation’s changing relationship with fast-fashion, Stephen notes how much the British manufacturing sector has grown compared to when Teddy Edward first started.

Some artisan manufacturing businesses were struggling, but thanks to brands like Teddy Edward, they can now invest in new technology, machinery and create innovative products, benefiting the growing ecosystem of British-made fashion. 

Teddy Edward’s website provides an insight into where the clothes are made. Here, Stephen talks us through each region, sharing the tales behind each British location that make his clothes.


Many may know Birmingham for its reputation for jewellery but that’s not the only luxury output from the West-Midlands giant. Our long and short sleeved T-shirts and lounge pants are made here, using fabric crafted in Leicester. Not all of our loungewear range is produced at the same factory – this is because we choose each supplier depending on their specialisms, matching them and their machinery to each product.


Our hero product, the moleskin jean, is produced in the home counties, as well as coats and gilets. With our moleskin garments being so important to Teddy Edward, it was crucial we sourced a manufacturer that could work well with the specialist material. Anyone who owns a pair of our tailor-made jeans will agree that we’ve chosen well!


Before it gets cut and sewn in Buckinghamshire, our special stretch moleskin and soft velvet textiles are produced in Lancashire. It’s a heritage craft for the area, known for manufacturing in the fashion trade for many years. The mills that make our fabric have been doing so for centuries, truly experts at their craft.


Not far from our headquarters is Leicestershire; a region renowned historically for the hosiery and knitwear trade. Naturally, we source our luxurious cotton, jersey and alpaca wool textiles from various suppliers in the area, ranging from large manufacturers to family-owned businesses.


We pride ourselves on the tailored element of all of our garments. This is particularly true for our formal shirts, so it was important to source the right supplier. London is known for producing superior quality and skill, providing a cut and fit like no other. We work with a premium North London tailor, with reams of experience with numerous known brands, to produce our high-end shirts.


Since the eighteenth century, Nottingham has built up a strong reputation for producing fine lace and hosiery. With these heritage skills and attention to detail, we source our luxury buttons and lace here. Away from the centre, our high-build custom embroidery is also crafted in a small village in the county.

View the full Teddy Edward collection online at www.teddy-edward.com

Teddy Edwards British Clothing Brand