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Wingback Wallet

Tailor Made Leather WingBack Wallets

The Wingback wallet is a thin, tailor made leather wallet designed for your essentials and hand made in Bristol in the UK. It offers a unique product to each customer; available custom etched and threaded in a colour of your choice or as a kit so you can get creative and stitch it up however you like.

Its designed to help you keep life simple. Ditch the inessentials and have really easy access to the things you need all the time. It’s not much larger than its contents, can fit up to 5 cards and a has a wing at the front which holds notes. Our aim is to offer a unique product to everyone.

We’ve created the Wingback brand to offer something unique in a market full of over priced and indistinguishable products. We really wanted to involve the user as much as possible, to create something they could be a part of and end up with a product they would cherish.

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