East Midlands


Find regionally made products by small independently owned businesses offering a unique range of goods. Every part of the country has it’s own regional speciality and traditional crafts.

Use our Northamptonshire product directory to discover more about locally made products, food and drink in the local area.


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Whether you’re after a unique and stylish gift, or the freshest locally-produced food, you can find lovely Northamptonshire products here.

East Midlands

The Northamptonshire product directory, your guide to finding great local food, drink, craft and unique products across the county.

Every region of Britain has its own local traditions and products as well as local businesses selling great things both traditional and contemporary.

Find regional crafts, artisan goods, local food and drink producers in our Northamptonshire guide to local products.   

Northamptonshire is one of the counties in the East Midlands.  Products listed in this local directory cover the districts of Northamptonshire which include Corby, Daventry, East Northamptonshire, Kettering, Northampton, South Northamptonshire, Wellingborough.

Food and Drink – There are local food producers, farm shops and markets across the county of Northamptonshire. Order food online from local food producers and farm shops

Local products and great gifts – There is a fabulous selection of local crafts unique products that make gifts.  

4 great places to shop in Northamptonshire


Heart of the Shires

Heart of the Shires shopping Village, including lifestyle shops, clothes shops, gift shops, health shops and beauty shops and tea room.


Nene court

Lots of local independent shops all under one roof, in Wellingborough.


Montague Jeffery

For more than 119 years, Montague Jeffery has been synonymous with quality menswear and impeccable personal service.


Rural Shopping Yard

In picturesque village of Castle Ashby offering a unique combination of peaceful, easy rural shopping and stunning gardens.


Find your local farm shop – Support local business and producers and have freshly seasonal produce delivered to your door

Why Buy Local

Buying directly and eating seasonal produce,  is a great way to support local business. In addition to enjoying the best local and regional foods. From fresh artisan bread, locally reared meat, seasonal vegetables, cheese, to English wine and craft spirits.

Fresh Seasonal Local Produce

To buy the best local and seasonal produce visit your local farm shop, independent retailers, farmers’ markets or local farm. Many farm shops offer home delivery services as well.


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